Friday, July 1, 2011

Play Box: Vehicles and Spacecrafts

I bought some small toy vehicles and spacecrafts from a craft shop. I haven’t added these in Mishu’s toys; I keep these with myself and use these as surprises. I asked Mishu to stay in another room while Mum was preparing a surprise for him. I arranged these in a tray.
Just look at that expression
See how cute are these really small scooters.
Mishu arranged these on the floor.
Then we arranged these around things to get a shape.
Keep toys around the bowls; lift it to get a shape.
A rectangle here
An oval too.
Mishu decided to fill the toys in the plastic wrap roll and lift it. It was lot of fun.

But these bikes won’t stand; they keep lying all the time. So bring some playdough.
Then I made platforms with the playdough and placed one of each toy on them and asked Mishu to sort the toys. And he did it nicely.


  1. Oh your little one really loved his new toys!

  2. So sweet. I love keeping little toys to myself and taking them out for a surprise. I need to get better at hiding them again when we're done to keep them special.

  3. What a great variety of fun. I especially like the making of big shapes on the outside of the various containers!

    My first visit. Fun times!!

  4. Those little toys are so cute! And what creative play to do with them :) Looks like our kind of playdough play! Thanks so much for coming to play at It's Playtime!

  5. Great explorations with these toys!

  6. I love the idea of placing the toys in circle, square shapes! That's so cool!

  7. Those cute little toys are sure fun, brings precious childhood memories myself.



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