Friday, June 17, 2011

This is My Forest

Thanks to Rashmie from Mommy Labs to invite me to participate in her Forest Fiesta Project to celebrate World Environment Day (June5). This is year our country, India, hosted this event. The theme chosen by UN was Forests. Many bloggers have participated in this Forest Fiesta project to help kids appreciate and understand the value of our forests.
Check Pari’s (Rashmie’s daughter) inspiring three dimensional nature collage and be sure to check out the linky at the bottom of this post to see various forest activities created by children from around the world!
Here is the mixed media art we created.
We had lovely time making this. In my previous post I wrote how Mishu had little interest in art and craft for past two weeks and here I am writing about this project we did yesterday. I have tried one outdoor and one art activity with him for environment day earlier but he never showed interest. I have been talking to him about forests for past many days now. I have showed him forests on television and we saw pictures on internet. He never reacted when he saw forests, even at times when I talked about forests he listened to me for few seconds and walked to another room or got engaged in some other activity (a trait that he inherited from his father….lol). But yesterday when I told him about my plans to make a picture of a forest he seemed excited and remembered lot of things I told him (again just like his father….they both make such a face which makes me feel that they are not listening but when the correct time comes they happen to remember the details as well). I wasn’t expecting much contribution from him as he had little fever the previous night and looked dull but he proved me wrong.
I knew that Mishu would love to use egg shells for this craft, just like every kid he likes breaking egg shells in smaller pieces. I wanted to use wood shavings and ground nut peels as well. I found these wood shavings in this newly constructed apartment when we moved here in April. I dyed these in green food color.

Before working on this mixed media art work we talked about it. I asked Mishu what he wants to have in picture other than lots of trees. He said that he’ll make sun and clouds. But while working on our forest we (read I) completely forgot about sun and clouds.
We started by painting the white paper with watered down blue poster paint. Then Mishu broke egg shells in smaller pieces. I pasted a thin strip of green craft paper at the bottom of the sheet to look like grass. I cut corrugated sheet roughly into strips to make tree trunks.
Mishu and I pasted the corrugated strips on paper. There was a moment when we both were quiet and applying glue to our corrugated strips. My heart told my brain that it was a beautiful moment and just then Mishu looked at me and said, "Mama I love You”.
Mishu said some really interesting things. While we were pasting trunks he said, “Aur tree lagao”(Put more trees or you can read the universal message-PLANT MORE TREES).
He even planned a trip to a forest, he said, Mishu forest jayega, mama bhi jayegi, papa bhi jayenge, bahut sare trees dekho hai” (Mishu will go to forest, mama will go, papa will go, we’ll see lots of trees).
Then we glued wood shavings, groundnut peels, and egg shells to our trees. Mishu said “hamara forest accha bana hai” (our forest looks nice). I had kept some green bottle covers to use it somewhere in the picture. Mishu decided to paste it here there and when our art work looked complete Mishu announced,"Yeh mera forest hai!” (This is My forest!).
Later in the evening I knead a big batch of green play dough to go with the forest theme. I gave Mishu some of it and he played with it for more than two hours (surprising for me as well). He finished his play by pressing buttons, some beads and shells in the flattened play dough.
 He said that he made a garden. I agree, to me it looked like a garden with lot of flowers.


  1. Himadri,
    YAY! I am so excited that you have joined in finally in Forest Fiesta. I love Mishu's mixed media forest as well as the playdough garden. These are lovely playful ideas and no wonder Mishu enjoyed doing them.
    So, we are a community now, Himadri, and I look forward to we doing more projects together! :)

  2. SUch a fantastic project.My link is the 6th one.

  3. This is wonderful! I love all the materials you used. And what your son said is very wonderful too - great memories :)

  4. I found you from the Playtime Linky Party. I LOVE this forest craft! It is so creative and turned out so beautiful! I can't wait to try out something like this with my boys. I love your blog. I'm your new follower, hope you'll stop by my blog and follow back.

  5. HImadri...i m very new to ur blog and liking it very much.Like the idea of making dough so colourful...lovely forest made by Mishu.

  6. I love this forest craft and using recycled items. Can't wait to use it for a Earth Day project this year. I'll be sharing a link to this page.

  7. hi himadri . i m inspired by ur projects.liked it.even i want to make my kid involve in such crafts.

  8. This craft is fantastic. My little one and I will be doing something like this for earth day coming up.. I'll be sure to link back to you :)

  9. I am going to do something similar with my kindergarten class!


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