Friday, October 15, 2010

Painting Broom

I made this very funny painting broom yesterday for Mishu. Initially I planned to call it “nature brush” but it looks more like a small broom.
 I just tied some grass on one end of a stick with yarn. We both were so excited to try painting with it that I almost forgot to trim it. Mishu enjoyed painting with it and making dots. He loves making dots with a regular brush but this broom gave different effect. What he liked most was splattering the paint with it. I hadn’t introduced splatter art to Mishu as I knew that he won’t stick to paper and soon our walls, furniture, clothes and everything else I can’t think right now(lol!) would become his canvas. But yesterday he himself discovered the joy of splatter painting with this painting broom. Next time I’ll tie more grass to the stick and trim it.
My boy needs a haircut.


  1. Thats fun! Im sure ur lil boy enjoyed it:) We have tried something similar with pine needles(leaves)..


  2. this is a really great idea...and ironic- we were at the park today, and I saw lots of branches shaped like this...we were swinging on the swings, and i was thinking of ways to use broom for nature table...broom for very tiny corners of the home....but a painting brush! That's clever!!
    And- your son's hair look adorable:)
    hugs to you, friend. I hope you have a great weekend:)

  3. What a great idea! Your son is adorable. And you must be planning his second birthday party! It's nice to "meet" you, too.



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