Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploring Palette Knives

 I recently bought a set of plastic Palette Knives and as most of the times Mishu got to try these first. We have watched some videos of tutorials on How to use Palette Knives before and it's a different experience of painting with them. Mishu has tried these twice and I have sensed mixed feelings.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Melting Crayons + Water Colours

Melting Crayons is the most favourite technique of this boy. Today I suggested him to use white crayon for melting. He tried and told me that he'd better try other colours and drawing with white was not a great idea as nothing was visible. Yes he has never tried this magic before :) as he has a big dislike for crayons. He doesn't use crayons for any kind of project except melting them. It was this morning that I thought of trying this "Magic" by melting and not by the regular way of drawing with white crayon. Anyway, I have waited for months to use this sentence and finally I got the chance to say, "We'll try a magic today."

He used watered down food colours for painting over the melted crayon drawing.
Later he took out the shaving brush for painting.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Homeschool Pre-K Yr 2 Week 1

We started our second year of home school last week.
 Mishu tried arranging big and small alphabets in order.
 It is raining here almost everyday so I chose Rain to be the theme of this month. Mishu thought and worked on a rainy day scene collage. I must tell you that he worked really hard on it. He explored the beauty and possibilities of dry pastels. We talked about how we can use these chalk kind of colours in different ways. He tried rubbing the pastel directly on the paper, rubbing cotton on the pastel and then rub the cotton on paper to get light shades, he used his fingers, side of hand and base of palm to colour the background.

 We had already worked on the collage pieces before doing the background. My work included cutting airplane from newspaper, drawing umbrella and clouds + cutting out Mishu's drawings.

 We recently did ai words and Mishu tried writing Rain for his collage. The one who is holding umbrella is Mishu, the way he likes when we go out.
 Later that evening he sat outside and told me how he could see different shapes and colours in the sky. :)
 More artwork from the week : He used dry pastels, white pen and a feather from my feather collection.
 I have started this basket of month system and hoping that it'll work for us. I kept all the books that we'll be reading this month in this basket so that we don't go hunting for books every morning.

 We started Jolly Phonics workbook in the last week of July and Mishu likes it a lot. I have read on so many blogs that how kids don't like workbooks but my kid is enjoying them now and I know these are phases there might be a phase when he just won't want to do that.
 Letter of the week was Y and Mishu did some coloirng, pasting yellow tissue paper and wrapping yarn on a cardboard Y. He likes making alphabets with these Lego style blocks. We tried some yodeling too:)
These are the words that he'll be reading whole this month as Sounds of the month are ie, ng, oo, oa, ai, or, ee and lonley vowel (e and o). I know it seems a lot but he has already been doing these sounds for past few weeks now.
 I made this wheel for practising lonely e words.

Recently Mishu has shown love for numbers and this page was a big achievement for him.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Learning to draw Bodies and Warli Art

Mishu likes to draw faces and he has been drawing faces for many months now. Recently I thought of encouraging him to draw bodies as well. I have been showing him paintings, photographs, how to draw books so he can observe the shapes of bodies, dresses, hands and legs. He has shown a lot of interest and has tried drawing feet, shoes, hands and phone in  hand :))
Yesterday I noticed this Warli art in this book. This is NCERT Hindi book for first grade. We have been reading this book for two months now and we both like it a lot. We like the poems and small stories. But yes the idea of noticing the people and style in the Warli art came to me yesterday only. Along with many illustrations the book has two double pages of warli paintings and it has madhubani as well as orissi painting too. I hope they can consider improving the quality of pages they use.

Warli art is originally done by the tribal community called Warlis living in Maharashtra. More information about Warlis is here
The first step was to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of this art. Mishu guessed what they were doing, how they had drawn houses and  shapes he saw. He tried pretty hard but every time he tried to draw a triangle for body he ended up with a square and rectangle. I drew simple figures for him on a notebook, we worked on step by step process of drawing two triangles for body but whenever he tried himself he got a square or rectangle body.
I am glad he tried and today morning I surprised him with a white pen and dark coloured cards. I bought this white pen for myself and for my artwork but he got to try it first. :))))))
 In the picture above he tried drawing three boys (two with spiky hair) and an animal with long antlers.
So both of us are impressed with tribal art at the same time. Here is what I finished yesterday night. I did this Aztec inspired feathers and leaf. I have another blog My Zen Mode for my artwork and if you are interested in my artwork you can follow my Facebook page for updates.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yay! Mud Play

It's a lovely day. My son wanted to play with mud. What! Really! Was I dreaming? The boy finally showed interest in playing with mud. It was sure to happen. How can I ignore my husband's efforts of involving him in gardening?
He started by making mud soup for plants and gradually other things came out. He made a Mud dosa on a griddle and we together made mud egg crumble.

 He couldn't refuse my offer of helping him in making the mud house. He took out his little animals and I brought the glass beads.

Now this boy wanted to put candles. But with drizzling and nice breeze blowing I wasn't sure. I didn't want to break his heart though.
 It worked! It was a beautiful sight. Rain, breeze and candle lit mud house and mud meal ready for the animals.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Creating a mini scene + Story telling

 I had an absolutely creative and interesting story telling session with Mishu this week. In our home we love this book "The Little Red Light House and the Great Gray Bridge" A classic and a very sweet book, loved by kids and adults too. In fact I leave no chance to read it whenever my son asks me to. He has memorised phrases, sentences and dialogues from this book.
We were playing with his new toys. My husband got him a new set Lego kind of pieces. He was all frustrated yet determined to make a house that was on the box of the toy. I suggested him to try other things that he can make.
We started by joining pieces and I got a boat like structure, gradually we got other boats and the little red light house. I am on bed rest and can't move freely in the house. I hop or cover some distance with the help of a chair. If I do such stunts for more than few minutes my foot starts paining. So I quickly got a big tray from the kitchen that's always on the higher shelf and directed Mishu to get the other things. We had a lovely time full of excitement and giggles.

Things used:
  • Blocks (kind of Legos) for Little red light house and boats.
  • Homemade play dough for island and to support the bridge. I used some from the big batch of play dough I made for Mishu before my accident. I had plans to add rainbow colours to it. But guess it has to wait. :(
  • I cut out the bridge from a carton
  • Plastic dolls as worker and man.
  • Rainbow Rice as Hudson River
  • Balls with light- as beams from the light house and the bridge.
  • A big tray

 Child Participation: I really appreciate Mishu's participation in this. I couldn't have done this without his help. I am on bed (you can read more here) and he helped me in getting things from the kitchen and his toy basket. He was too excited with the whole process . He worked on building light house and adding window and door to the light house was his idea.
What did I learn: I learned much more than I had thought! I have always hesitated in trying these mini worlds. This time with whatever things we had at hand we pulled it off. When I used to see many blogger mums working on mini scenes I always thought that I lacked something and my child is missing this fun. But finally we did it.
  • We do not need lot of things to create a mini scene. Just pick what you can find in the house.
  • We do not need specific things. Just like our yellow and blue structure became the fat black tug
  • We can use a tray to arrange everything when Mum is on bed rest. :) Easy clean up too.
  • It's all about process, participation and enjoying the moment.

Story Telling: The real fun began when we did story telling. I read the story from the book. He repeated and said aloud the parts he remembered. His favorite parts are when steamer, tug and canoe greet the lighthouse and the way lighthouse speaks with its two voices...

Flash! flash! flash!
Warning! Warning!
Watch my rocks. Danger. Danger
We used the props from the scene to make it more intresting.

In fact we found it hillarious to change the book text with what we saw in our model: The fat lighthouse from the book became- thin lighthouse. We had a Rainbow Hudson river, Black tug became- blue and yellow tug.The lights we used would more fit in an ambulance scene. So our lighthouse and bridge sounded like ambulance sirens for some time. These silly things make kids laugh and it's a change to become kids with our kids.

 The inspiration comes from a very creative mommy blogger and her very inspiring Little Worlds she make with her two adorable daughters. While I am writing this post and checked her blog to copy URL I found that it's her  blog's first anniversary today. Stop by to say congrats and I am sure you'll be hooked!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Father's Love

Every time I see my son and my husband walk hand in hand fills my heart with joy. I thank God for giving me these moments in my life and specifically for these being MY moments, of my own family. On this Father's Day I planned to get some of the father son photographs printed in a book. I got it done from Zoomin and I loved what I got. It's a 20 page booklet and I was so excited to see it that I couldn't resist and showed them two days before father's day.

"Papa I have drawn something for you"

On Father's Day Mishu drew a quick sketch. He asked me to spell Papa and Mishu for him. He has been writing "papa" for past some months now. Infact the first word he has written is "Papa". He couldn't get S in Mishu correctly but I admire his efforts to surprise my husband.

On left is Papa's potrait Mishu drew on cloth using fabric marker.


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